Bare Minerals Foundation Review

Bare Minerals Foundation
Bare Minerals Foundation

I was skeptical about paying anything more than drug store prices for foundation after a few bad choices in the past, but because I still hadn’t really found a foundation that didn’t mess with my sensitive skin; I caved and decided to try Bare Minerals Foundation.

The verdict: Pretty impressive!
My skin color changes dramatically from one season to another because I go through phases where I’m outdoors non-stop and then practically hibernating indoors when I have a lot of work to do. Bare Minerals was the first foundation I’ve ever used that somehow seems to match flawlessly even with the changes—not that I would have trouble finding a second color if needed thanks to their pretty extensive line of shades. The color goes on smooth and never looks cakey even when I fear that I may have over-applied it.

So far I have used the Bare Minerals original formula and their matte and find that I like them both for different occasions. The matte is so great for keeping my oily T-zone from looking slick when I work a long day and then the original formula covers and gives me a glow, so I love them both for different reasons. The original formula has never left me looking oily yet ether, but because I have problem skin I’d rather be safe than sorry and have the matte formula on hand too.
I remember reading about Bare Minerals Foundation online and seeing something about it being so natural that you can sleep in it and it turns out (thankfully!) that they weren’t lying—guilty as charged! I’m horrible about remembering to take my makeup off at night and I’m happy to share that not only has this not made me break out but it also hasn’t rubbed off on my pillowcase and made a mess. As a matter of fact, I haven’t had the ring-around-the-collar on any of my white blouses either. If you’re looking for an awesome foundation; Bare Minerals Foundation is as good as it claims to.

NARS Orgasm Blush Review

NARS Orgasm Blush
NARS Orgasm Blush

As a total makeup and especially blush-junkie, I have to say that the NARS Orgasm Blush is pretty “orgasmic”! I used to shy away from blush and just thought it was a waste, but once I tried it and saw what it can do for your face and your complexion I was hooked and have never looked back. It’s hard for me not to get excited when I stumble on a color and texture that works as good as this one!
The first thing to know about NARS Powder Blush Cheek Color Orgasm is that it goes on really sheer and doesn’t seem to ever look overdone or caked on. It definitely gives you a pretty glow that brightens up your entire face but without looking too obvious. I really like how it’s a cross between a peach and a pink and from what I know, the peach in it makes it flattering for pretty much anyone and any complexion which is another plus to this blush.
My favorite thing about this blush is how it looks when I have a bit of a tan because the color has a hint of gold shimmer to it that catches the light really nicely and just glows, kind of the way you do on a warm day at the beach. Of all my blushes, the NARS Orgasm Blush is my favorite for the color and the way it goes on. It’s soft and gorgeous and long-wearing which is all you really need out of a blush. If you want a thumbs up rating on this one then I would give it two thumbs up or more! It really is a gorgeous blush for anyone whether they wear a lot of make up or just want something to perk up their face once in a while.

Urban Decay Naked Palette Review

Urban Decay Naked Palette
Urban Decay Naked Palette

If the use of the word “naked” wasn’t enough to get your attention, then the delicious colors in the Urban Decay Naked Palette sure will! This is by far the best palette of neutral shadows that I’ve used to-date, likely because it’s so much more than just your same ol’- same ol’ palette of neutral eye shadows.
I guess I’ll start with the packaging, which is sleek and swanky and as dee-lish as the colors inside. The colors themselves give you all you need to create anything from a toned-down daytime look to super sexed-up glam for night, if that’s what you’re after. While the Urban Decay Naked Palette does offer up a good number of the creams and beige’s that you expect in a neutral palette, it works its way over to the more colorful and even darker side of the spectrum with deep purple and bold blue. I was more than happy to realize that this gave me everything I needed so I wouldn’t need to carry around any other shadows and yet still be able to create a gazillion different looks. I’ve managed to get a great smoky eye using the palette and have even pulled off a few very low-key sweet looks—sweeter than you’d expect from colors with names like ‘Sin’ and ‘Hustle’! I also found that a couple of the colors worked well as highlighters by gliding a little color just above my brow bone and the tops of my cheeks using my finger when I wanted to liven my face up before a last minute date. (See—more than just a neutral shadow palette!)
Overall the Urban Decay Naked Palette is worth picking up. The colors are incredible and very diverse and you get all kinds of great textures too. Having everything from matte to all-out glitter and everything in between really lets you mix it up for a ton of looks. This product is totally worth spending your pretty little pennies on.

Beauty Tips and Tricks

overplucked eyebrowsBeauty Tips And Tricks To Make Your Makeup Last

Need some help with your makeup application or do you just want to learn a few new tricks to make your makeup last? Here are some great tips to help you make putting on makeup a little more fun.






lipstick 1Make Your Lip Stick Stay on All Day

  • Apply your lip color with a lip brush and then dust a little bit of translucent powder on top. Do this a few times and then blot. Your lip color will last all day long!



Get A Youthful Glow To Your Skin

  • If you want super glow to your skin, use an eyeshadow that has lots of shimmer to it (like the one you use on your brow bone) on your cheekbones, it will make you look dewy and will give you that look like you are glowing.  Just make sure you use it sparingly. You can get a really pretty one here at Sephora.

Too Much Blush?

  • Instead of starting all over again, tone down a bright blush use a little bit of foundation over the bright color and blend it into the color that is already there. It will lessen the brightness but you will still have that beautiful rosy cheek glow.

Can’t Decide What Colors To Go With?

  • If you are undecided on what your outfit will be and don’t know what kind of makeup color to go with, It’s always best to go with a neutral makeup look. To get a neutral look, apply a brown or a peachy eyeshadow to your eye lids and apply a little mascara.  Keep the rest of your face neutral by using very subtle colors and a pale lip color. That way you will be able to wear whatever you want.

Over Plucked Eye Brows

  • If you over plucked your eye brows and you need to fill them in, just use an angled shadow brush and apply a matching eye color to the hair on your brows. Apply it sparingly and lightly with the pressure and use up sweeping strokes. Your brows will look amazing!




Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel Review

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel
Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel 8.4 oz. Buy Now $29.50


The first Bella Bambina Product review!

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel is a professional cleanser that is soap free and foams when you add water. It is used in top Spas around the world. The quality of Dermalogica is extremely high and can be used not only by a professional, but can be used at home as your daily skin care system. Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel is very effective in deep cleansing the skin, and is not harsh on your skin at all. When you rinse off the cleanser, your skin does not feel tight or stripped. It cleanses thoroughly and removes impurities without changing your natural PH level.

After cleansing with Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel you can either go without a moisturizer or follow up with Dermalogica’s Active moist.

Some of the key ingredients in this cleanser are: Balm Mint and Lavender which is calming to the skin and Quillaja Saponaria – a natural foaming additive that removes excess oil and toxins.