Jeffree Star Celebrity Skin Lip Ammunition Lipstick Review

img_4263I thought I would treat myself to a Jeffree Star Lip Ammunition lipstick.

I have been following him for quite some time on social media and I just love his makeup looks so I thought I would give it a try. He is the latest MUA to have his own line of cosmetics and is super successful! Jeffree is an amazing talent and is super popular on social media. Google his Instagram!

So I jumped online and ordered it directly from his website and paid for it with my Paypal account. The transaction went super smoothly and I received my new lipstick with a few days!

I even got updates in my email about the shipping which was really cool.

When I opened up my package, it was in a pretty bright pick box. It’s October, so I got a cute Halloween tissue wrap that went around the box of lipstick.

I unwrapped the box and found a really cute lipstick inside. It’s shaped like a bullet. The tube of lipstick is bright pink and has Jeffree’s logo on the it. It’s quite attractive.

The first thing I did was immediately smell the lipstick and it smells really good! Good enough to eat! Like Creamsicle or something. So I went over to the mirror and swiped it over my lips.

I really liked the color but it wasn’t a color I normally wear. It’s slightly brown/beige in color but more like skin color. I guess that’s why he named it Celebrity Skin. LOL. I think the name is cute.

But anyway. It took me a day or two of wearing it to get used to the color because it is so neutral and I’m not used to wearing such a neutral color. I did get lot’s of compliments. And my boyfriend actually liked it! I couldn’t believe my ears when he complimented me on it!

I mark this lipstick up as a winner for me. It’s trendy, smells nice, looks great with my new red hair and my boyfriend and friends like it too.

The only downside is that it’s matte and slightly drying so I suggest exfoliating your lips and use a lip balm first then smooth the lipstick on over the lip balm. Get a lip balm that is not to greasy. I suggest Nivea lip balm.

I will definitely try more colors and let you know what I think. Let me know if you have tried Jeffree’s cosmetics by commenting below. I would love to hear about it.

You can get his products directly from his website here… Jeffree Star Cosmetics

or if what you like is out of stock try getting his cosmetics here…Jeffree Star Cosmetics at Amazon

*Did you know that all Jeffree Star cosmetics are 100% Vegan and cruelty free? They are also free of parabens and gluten free too!


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