NYX Cosmetics Eye Shadow Base Review

NYX Eye Shadow Base In Skin ToneHow many times have you put on your eyeshadow and after a few hours it either creases in the folds of your eyelid or the color just fades away? I can’t stand that. Well, after trying several different eye shadow bases, I have great news! I found an eye shadow base that really works. It’s called NYX Eyeshadow Base.

NYX Eyeshadow base is a high quality eye shadow base that is in a cream form. I have the skin tone version of this base. It works really well when you need that extra intensity and it helps your eye color last all day! Most days I wear natural looking eye colors but sometimes I like to get bold with the eye color on my eyes and when I do I use this shadow base because quite simply it really works.

There are three different tones of this eye shadow base, there is white for super intensity when you really want your eyeshadow color to pop. Use white when you are wearing bright bold colors. There is pearl for evening looks, like when you really want your shimmery shadow to show up and then there is the skin tone which is great for everyday use and will help your shadow last all day and into the night.

It’s only about $7.00 and well worth it. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

You can get it right here! NYX Eye Shadow Base

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