Smashbox Limitless Long Wear Lip Gloss Endless

Smashbox lip gloss endlessI love my lipgloss and Smashbox limitless long wear lip gloss in the color Endless actually stands up to its claim. I’ve tried lots of different glosses that say they are long-lasting, but this is definitely one of my favorites! It really does last all day and feels so good on my lips.

Another plus is that it’s not too sticky which is always a problem with lip gloss.  And the color Endless is a really nice neutral color and it goes with almost every makeup look that I do. It’s not too pink. I can’t stand it when I buy a gloss from looking at the picture and then when I get it home it’s too pink. You know what I mean? I go through this lip gloss so fast because I use it everyday.  Love it!

The color is a sheer plumb (it looks kind of red in this picture but it’s not) that has a beautiful shine and it claims lasts for 6 hours but I would say it’s longer! The wand in the tube is contoured and makes it super easy to apply. The formula is nice because it protects your lips too with an SPF of 15. You can use this gloss alone or use it over another color.

The only thing I can say that is bad about this gloss is that I go through it so fast and have to keep buying it. And some people find it too thick but I don’t think it’s too thick at all.  When I do buy it I usually purchase two tubes so I don’t have to keep buying it over and over again.

These Smashbox lip glosses come in lots of beautiful colors too. And it’s only $22.00 I just love this color for myself but you should check out the other colors.

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