Birchbox Opening – What’s In The Box September 2014

Hey all of you beauty lovers! I get a little present in the mail every month from It’s my little paradise of fun beauty samples and sometimes full size products. It’s fun to open up that little pink box every month and see what’s inside. If you don’t know already what Birchbox is then you are in for a treat!

It’s a monthly subscription where you get to try out the latest makeup and cosmetics every month. You pay $10 a month to get a box full of fun new products! I love it and I’m even getting a gift subscription for my sister in law for Christmas this year. Come see what I got for September!

This month’s contents are:


Avene Cleanance

Avene Cleanance Soap-Free Gel Cleanser – It’s a purifying cleanser that removes dirt and it’s gentle! Made with spring water, and foams up really nicely. This cleanser has a very mild scent which I like.



macadamia spray oil


Macadamia Professional Healing Oil Spray – This is a lightweight oil that you can spray directly on your hair wet or dry. I like to spray it in wet hair before I blow dry. It combats frizzy hair and blocks the sun! Oh, and it smells amazing!!! (vanilla smell but mild)



temptu highlighterTemptu S/B Highlighter in Champagne Shimmer This is a liquid highlighter that looks like it might be too bronze for lighter skin but believe me when I say it’s not. I use this one everyday under my blush. I put it on right after my foundation but not all over my face. It gives me a healthy looking glow! It’s a favorite!




Chap Stick Dual ended Hydrating moisture renew – It’s Chapstick but better! It has natural butters that are nourishing made from plants and it even has antioxidants. I like the dual ends because you can use the one end for antioxidants and then use the Shea butter side after for more moisture.



Harvey prince hello


Harvey Prince Hello Fragrance – Yay! This is actually one of my favorite fragrances! I have worn this scent before so getting it as a free sample is great! I can put this in my purse 🙂 It has a mild citrus scent with floral notes. I like it because it’s not too strong.

note: Harvey Princes Hello is extremely hard to find and I have found that it’s only available at You can check prices at the website.

Birchbox Beauty Samples

Birchbox 1
Birchbox Beauty Samples


Birchbox Makeup And Cosmetic Samples!


I have a little secret… I found this company called Birchbox and I am in love!! Birchbox is a company that has full size beauty products you can purchase on their website or you can sign up to get beauty samples of top of the line beauty products delivered right to your door every month for $10! Really it’s just a shipping cost. But that small fee to pay is worth it if you are a makeup junkie like me and love to try all of the latest makeup and cosmetic products but can’t afford to buy the full size. And, it’s a great way to try a product before you are ready to buy it. You will get anything from skincare to makeup to the latest beauty tools, from well-known brands.

Try before your buy!


I just purchased my first beauty product from a sample I tried. It’s the Kissable Couture lip gloss! I’m admittedly a lip gloss junkie and believe me I have tried a ton of different brands. I fell in love with the sample from Birchbox so I thought I would splurge and get the full size. It retails for $22.00 (I think that’s the most money I have ever spent on lip gloss) but what the heck! I’m worth it. 🙂

Anyway you should try Birchbox out. You can cancel it anytime, but I don’t think you will because it’s so much fun getting a little pink box in the mail with 5 to 6 beauty samples inside! Sometimes the samples are a large size too. I got Dermalogica microfolliant in the last one and it’s a pretty big jar.

To sign up for Birchbox and get your beauty samples too Go Here!!